Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Magpie who Loves Angels

A photo of a Magpie who loves Angels and visits my Angel Gallery.A few days ago when I opened up my Angel Gallery, I was carrying an armful of stuff and left the front door ajar. When I came out of my office to my surprise I found I had an early visitor. The Magpie was in the lounge area calmly walking around looking at the Angel paintings. After a good look around I opened the back door and she went out the back door for a late lunch. My phone was flat so I could only get a photo.

I hoped she would come back again so I video her visit. She seems to love the Angelic energies at Sanctuary Angel Gallery, and has come inside a few times in the past, usually when I have left the door ajar when I open up; but I haven’t seen her for a few months.

 She did visit the next day ,and was waiting for me to arrive and see on the video she could hardly wait to come inside. I don’t feed her regularly and have not trained her in any way, she just loves the healing energies! Her favorite paintings today seemed to be The Angel of Bliss, Jeshua, Sananda. Archangel Michael and Deep Waters.