Monday, 10 January 2011

An Angel Painting helps to Overcome Children's Night Terrors

An Angel Painting helps to Overcome Children's Night Terrors
posted by Glenyss Bourne on March 22nd 2009
A Father brought his young son to my Angel gallery where I have hundreds of Angel paintings. He had purchased a painting of Archangel Michael for himself a few days before, but when he took it home his daughter snaffled (aussie for took) it for herself.
The family had recently moved into a new house and the daughter was having problems sleeping.
She intuitively put the Angel painting next to her bed and her sleeping problems stopped. This prompted her father to bring her brother who was also having problems sleeping, to choose an Angel painting for himself. He chose a particularly strong version of Archangel Michael to put by his bed.

I asked the boy a few questions about why he was having trouble sleeping and he said he was having bad dreams. I sensed that he was a very sensitive child and was actually seeing etheric beings.

Many children can see spirits and other etheric beings (unfortunately not all of these beings are positive energies), an ability that tends to fade away with age, if it has not been encouraged or understood by the parents.
The presence of these entities can be very frightening for a child who doesn’t understand how to deal with them or what they are. Unfortunately this fear often attract a more unsavory element to the child as fear lowers the vibration and attracts lower entities

I asked the boy if he saw these sort of things when he was awake and he said yes!
It was time for a talk about free will!

I saw an Angel in the Sky!

 I saw an Angel in the Sky. This is the photo I took!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cleansing Negative Energies with Angelic Help

Fixing The Freezer!
posted by Suze on April 22nd 2009
A small spare room in a friend's house always felt very very cold. Nobody liked going into the room and when children slept over in the spare room they shivered with the cold, even in the summertime.

One day we were discussing this phenomena and wondering what was causing this.
My friend's husband called it the freezer and thought it was because it was not insulated adequately.
I asked permission to go into the room and I felt so much going on
, such as entities, interference and other negative energies from those who had passed over, the earth energies were messed up, and yes it was very very cold.

I told my friend and her husband that it really needed clea
ring, and they asked if would I please do that for them.

I called in my Angelic helpers an with their help I was able to clear the room. To this day the room is no longer cold. It has a pleasant energy now and is being
happily used by the family. I placed an Archangel Michael painting by Glenyss Bourne in the room to hold the uplifting energy and further protect and uplift the room and it has remained a pleasant place to be.

The old "freezer" often comes up in conversation to this

Angel Blessings,