Saturday, 8 June 2019

Angels Do Exist!

I am now known to many as "The Angel Lady" or "The Angel Whisperer". I have spoken with, been guided and healed by Angels; and I PAINT Angels. I not only been truly touched by an Angel - I have been touched by hundreds of Angels and Archangels. I have many clairvoyant friends who have confirmed to me that what I paint is the closest to the real Angels as it is humanly possible to achieve.

Words alone cannot describe the feelings and inner knowings that you experience when you encounter an Angel.

This blog is dedicated to exactly help to empower people to speak of their Angel experiences; and to help others to seek out the Angels who tirelessly guide and protect them, and interact more fully with them.

So I guess I will begin with some of my own Angel stories and Angel pictures, and please feel free to add your own Angelic true life stories to mine.

The funny thing about Angel Experiences is they happen when you least expect it....where do you think I was when the idea for this blog CAME to me .... I was hanging out the washing about thirty minutes ago and thinking of nothing in particular and all of a sudden this great idea came to me together with the Domain Name, which was still available and waiting for me.

I am not much of a writer in fact I don't like writing much but when I am inspired it comes so easily.I have learned that when it you receive guidance and information from Angels or from Spirit you have to write it down straight away or you tend forget it. So I came straight in from the washing line, sat at the computer and created this blog. I love Divine Guidance!

Angels have come OUT!! Everybody is now becoming aware of their Guardian Angels. Spiritual authors like Doreen Virtue and others have written many books on the subject of Angels. My first Amazing angel story describes how my own book of Angelic Guidance, Sacred Wisdom came about through divine guidance.
Love and Blessings
Glenyss Bourne 
To see my Angelic artwork, that was inspired by the Angels and Archangels visit my online galleries below.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Archangel Raphael Helps Grieving Mother.

Archangel Raphael by Glenyss Bourne
Many people who have purchased my painting of Archangel Raphael have told me that they have experienced comfort and healing emanate from the image.

I recently received this email about my painting of Archangel Raphael.

"I would also like to tell you that i purchased a print of Gabriel a few years ago from you and his image developed and i was able too see the features on his face -he also fascinated many visitors to my home who were drawn to him -in particular my one good friend who had sadly lost both her daughters in a fatal car crash
She would look at him everytime she visited and one night he 'spoke ' to me and told me to give the print of him to my friend which i did and she  was over the moon
Since residing at her home his image has developed even more and two smaller figures have appeared besides him which my friend believes are her daughters and it gives her tremendous comfort.

So thank you so much for such comfort and beauty xxx

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Angels Step Forward

This is an interview with  Glenyss Bourne where she discussed her many amazing experiences with Angels.
We all carry memories of heaven within, the purpose of my paintings is to help us to remember that we are Spirit and our friends and helpers are the Angels. They are ever with us!


Friday, 7 November 2014

Amazing Experiences with an Angelic Energy Pendant
I received this beautiful email about a Angelic Energy pendant made from my painting of Jesus Unconditional Love. It was purchased from my Etsy Store.

  Hello Glenyss, Last week I received the Jesus loves you pendant. Immediately I felt something special, gentleness, peace. As though a very nice loving older brother entered into my life. I believe this is the most precious gift I ever got. It was a day after my birthday.

 A couple of days later I lost it on my way to my work, I rushed back to the place where I could have lost it. I the meantime I thought of the words: 'Before everything else look for the Kingdom of God and everything will come to you', I found it again and was very glad. I realize more than ever what is the most important thing in our life. It helps me constantly, today I had a singing lesson and when I held the pendant I could sing better. I ask inside me what I can do and the answer comes to me immediately.
 Asking blessings for a performance wilt my mentally disabled friends, I touched the pendant and I felt a dome of light. It is not the first time I noticed the protection of light beings, but this time it was more tangible. In our journey into the empire of the Spirit this pendant is a very helpful guide. What a gift you have to put the energy of Jesus in the pendants you make! We (my husband and I) thank you very much for making these beautiful jewelry that is charged with this precious energy. Thank you and may God bless you in your beautiful work! Sincerely, Gerda

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Healing from the Angelic Realm

Intuitive angel artist, Glenyss Bourne sits down to talk with Spirits Voice at her Sanctuary Angel Art Gallery and Healing Centre in Victoria, Australia. Glenyss shares her spiritual journey, explaining how her art evolved and became angelic in composition. Glenyss became very ill and spent over a year in hospital due to complications with surgery, but believes that the pain and suffering she endured offered an incredible opportunity for learning. Not only did she dissolve her fears of dying, but she gained greater understanding of the healing that her angel art provides. These days you will find Glenyss painting at her angel gallery and she finds that a people experience healing by simply visiting the Sanctuary and spending time surrounded by her art. Glenyss' beautiful artwork is also available for purchase online at

Friday, 29 November 2013

Archangel Michael Helps Sleep Problems

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne My 3 year old granddaughter was waking up every night saying there were monsters in her room.  I told her to call on the angels to protect her and they would go away.  Well that didn't work so I purchased the 8 x 10 print of Archangel Michael and Mother Mary for her room.  When the prints arrived she was not home so I placed the print on her wall above her bed and the smaller one that you sent above my bed.  Later that evening before going to bed she comes running in my room and says, "grandma I have an angel in my room and so do you".  I said great what is his name, she said "Michael and he has wings that go like this".  She has slept peacefully in her room every night since.

Thank you
Rev. Debora Gowans

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Angelic Near Death Experience
I was looking through art, not for angels, when I saw your amazing work. I am intuitive, more and more the older I get. I had a very severe pneumonia a few years ago, I didn't realize at the time how sick I was, but I was hearing and seeing things in my fever that I can only explain now as probably due to being so close to death!
Since then I've dreamed of angels. Only once. But too real to be a dream and THIS is what they looked like! Pale shades of brilliant light. Taller than me (a lot taller). I couldn't see their faces.
I was taken to like a 'meeting room', and from what seemed like miles and miles away, although it only took moments, my best friend's Dad (who had passed) was brought to meet me.
I said to the angels in GREAT excitement "it's Mr Murphy, It's HIM"!!! I couldn't see them speaking, but they seemed to speak (I am not crazy by the way). And they kind of 'chuckled' in good humor, and said something like 'Yes, we know'. Amazing to see them, on your page!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Amazing Angel Video

 Healing Angel Art Gallery


I have been painting Angels for many years now, and lately I have felt strongly guided by the Angels and Archangels to make videos that carry the Angelic vibration. Most people who visit  my Sanctuary Angel Gallery in Australia, can feel  the presence and healing vibrations of the Angels.
 My challenge was to capture this feeling in a video. I could feel the Angels with me as I made this video, it is very relaxing and uplifting, the next best thing to an actual visit to the Gallery.  
Glenyss Bourne      

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Magpie who Loves Angels

A photo of a Magpie who loves Angels and visits my Angel Gallery.A few days ago when I opened up my Angel Gallery, I was carrying an armful of stuff and left the front door ajar. When I came out of my office to my surprise I found I had an early visitor. The Magpie was in the lounge area calmly walking around looking at the Angel paintings. After a good look around I opened the back door and she went out the back door for a late lunch. My phone was flat so I could only get a photo.

I hoped she would come back again so I video her visit. She seems to love the Angelic energies at Sanctuary Angel Gallery, and has come inside a few times in the past, usually when I have left the door ajar when I open up; but I haven’t seen her for a few months.

 She did visit the next day ,and was waiting for me to arrive and see on the video she could hardly wait to come inside. I don’t feed her regularly and have not trained her in any way, she just loves the healing energies! Her favorite paintings today seemed to be The Angel of Bliss, Jeshua, Sananda. Archangel Michael and Deep Waters.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Painting with Angels.

by Glenyss 9/5/12

 This is my energy painting of Mary Magdalene as an Ascended Master, Lady Magda.
I could feel the Angels with me guiding my hand as I painted her. I was in a deep mediative state and I just kept painting until I felt Lady Magda's deeply compassionate energy flowing from her Angelic  image. It is a truly wonderful experience to connect with such beautiful Angelic energies and to be able to share them through "Our" Angel Art. I am truly blessed!

* Note 26th july2012
I have just finished a video featuring Lady Magda and many or the other Lady ascended Masters with the help of my Angel guides. It is uplifting and deeply relaxing.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Doggy Angel

This is a Spiritual Painting of Casper an Angel in the form of a dog.  He was a beautiful and much loved family member who recently passed away. I was asked to do an Energy portrait of him and as soon as I began I could feel him with me, so strong and loving. He was camera shy but allowed the photo I worked with to be taken just a few hours before he died. It is as if he knew it would bring great comfort to his owner.

Jainee who commissioned this portrait for the bereaved owner says   'The owner of the dog was very overwhelmed when she received this picture. It's just beautiful and captures everything about him. His energies calmed those that were fortunate enough to come in contact with him".

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Weird Angelic Guidance that Really Worked!

by Glenyss 21/12/11
 I was very ill in hospital some years ago, and my husband came in to visit me. We were talking normally when all of a sudden, I looked lovingly at my husband's bald head, felt this feeling of great concern and compassion; and I spoke these peculiar words, which didn't feel like they were coming from me..........
"Your head must get cold in the car." He said it did. "You should wear a hat when you are driving." We then discussed what sort of hat would be suitable, and decided that a baseball cap would be just the thing!

He went home, remembered to put on his baseball cap, ( the first miracle!) and drove to get some take away food for his tea.

On his way home, a car failed to give way, careered through the roundabout at great speed, and crashed into our very small car causing it to spin around and hit a pole.
The car was a write off! My husband broke the drivers side window with his head, BUT, the baseball cap prevented him from receiving severe lacerations to his face and he emerged unhurt! Thank you Angels!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Angelic Healing of a Child's Chronic Illness

- Glenyss 9th August 2011
A few years ago, my four year old granddaughter, had been under the care of a pediatrician for about two years, for an embarrassing chronic bowel condition.

One day when she was visiting me, we talked about her illness and she said she really wanted it to go away. I told her that she we all have Guardian Angels who love us and look after us and she decided to ask her guardian Angel to help her.

I had some of my Angel Fridge magnets on my fridge, and she picked one out and told me she wanted me to write a short letter to her Angel on the back of the magnet. She told me what to write, and she took the Angel magnet home with her, so she could feel close to her Guardian Angel; and...........her illness went away! Immediately!

Thank You Angels !

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Angelic Guidance

- Glenyss 4th August 2011

A few years ago we were cleaning and fixing up a house that we had been renting out. It had been trashed and was in dreadful condition and the vibes were not good. This was the third time it had suffered such damage and I was over it!
A few days later as I was going about my business and I heard an Angelic voice in my head say to me "You can have it (the house), make into a place of healing and a gallery for your Angelic paintings and call it Sanctuary. We want you to put back the Light which has been lost.
That is what I did and it is now a place of peace and healing as you can see from this video.
Thank You Angels! Read more about Sanctuary

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Transformed by an Angel Video!

—JoAnn, 9th March 2011.

The first time I watched one of your angel videos I was happened this past weekend..My journey began two years ago after losing my second son on March 20 2009..My first son passed 19 years ago and it wasn't till I lost my second son I realized I needed a different kind of help and that's when I found God.

I could not let my second son move on until now. The video I watched illustrated angel movement to the chant of Om Namah Shivaya and I practiced your suggested breathing techniques. I was mesmerized by the pictures, breathing and chant.

Later that day I went outside to absorb some of the sun's rays and let my mind drift with the pictures and music still vivid in my head. Then I saw a picture of my second son sitting next me! The angel messengers were with me and showed me that he is with me. An amazing connection/communion with my soul. This awakening has helped me understand he will always be with me and I thank you for showing me the way.

This is the video that JoAnne found so helpful.

This is an Angel Meditation featuring the Visionary Angel Paintings of Glenyss Bourne; and the Universal Healing Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya. Take five minutes to effortlessly enter the state of deep relaxation and feel the stress of everyday life melt away! Suitable for adults and children; and for those in despair or in need of healing.
Inspirational Angel Paintings and Healing Mantra dvd's and cd's are available from

Monday, 10 January 2011

An Angel Painting helps to Overcome Children's Night Terrors

An Angel Painting helps to Overcome Children's Night Terrors
posted by Glenyss Bourne on March 22nd 2009
A Father brought his young son to my Angel gallery where I have hundreds of Angel paintings. He had purchased a painting of Archangel Michael for himself a few days before, but when he took it home his daughter snaffled (aussie for took) it for herself.
The family had recently moved into a new house and the daughter was having problems sleeping.
She intuitively put the Angel painting next to her bed and her sleeping problems stopped. This prompted her father to bring her brother who was also having problems sleeping, to choose an Angel painting for himself. He chose a particularly strong version of Archangel Michael to put by his bed.

I asked the boy a few questions about why he was having trouble sleeping and he said he was having bad dreams. I sensed that he was a very sensitive child and was actually seeing etheric beings.

Many children can see spirits and other etheric beings (unfortunately not all of these beings are positive energies), an ability that tends to fade away with age, if it has not been encouraged or understood by the parents.
The presence of these entities can be very frightening for a child who doesn’t understand how to deal with them or what they are. Unfortunately this fear often attract a more unsavory element to the child as fear lowers the vibration and attracts lower entities

I asked the boy if he saw these sort of things when he was awake and he said yes!
It was time for a talk about free will!

I saw an Angel in the Sky!

 I saw an Angel in the Sky. This is the photo I took!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cleansing Negative Energies with Angelic Help

Fixing The Freezer!
posted by Suze on April 22nd 2009
A small spare room in a friend's house always felt very very cold. Nobody liked going into the room and when children slept over in the spare room they shivered with the cold, even in the summertime.

One day we were discussing this phenomena and wondering what was causing this.
My friend's husband called it the freezer and thought it was because it was not insulated adequately.
I asked permission to go into the room and I felt so much going on
, such as entities, interference and other negative energies from those who had passed over, the earth energies were messed up, and yes it was very very cold.

I told my friend and her husband that it really needed clea
ring, and they asked if would I please do that for them.

I called in my Angelic helpers an with their help I was able to clear the room. To this day the room is no longer cold. It has a pleasant energy now and is being
happily used by the family. I placed an Archangel Michael painting by Glenyss Bourne in the room to hold the uplifting energy and further protect and uplift the room and it has remained a pleasant place to be.

The old "freezer" often comes up in conversation to this

Angel Blessings,

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My Angelic Vision

My name is Janine. I live in the United States and I discovered your videos earlier tonight. I love them. In May 1983 after my mother passed from breast cancer that metastasized throughout her body at age 40, I experienced the miracle of seeing an angel in our home about 10 days to 2 weeks after her funeral.

What I saw was about 6-7 feet in height, oval in shape, with beautiful gold on the exterior and pure bright white on the interior. There was no face, wings, feet, or arms or head, just oval in shape. It stayed in my presence for about 7-9 seconds and slowly faded into a small gold circle and disappeared. I had prayed to God and asked God the morning after my mother passed away on May 6, 1983 to please give me a sign that she was okay.

That was 25 years ago and I have prayed to meet someone else who has experienced a vision. I just wanted to say hello and say that I truly love your videos. They are unique and gorgeous.

P.S. I am 46 years of age and I was 19 years old when I saw the angel and I never forget it, ever. It was a miracle and sacred and beautiful.

God Bless,

Friday, 17 September 2010

Learning to Listen to My Angelic Guidance

Learning to Listen to My Angelic Guidance - "Its a Book!"
by Glenyss Bourne posted 17/9/09
I sat alone in my kitchen late one night enjoying the peace and quiet; and I thought to myself "I might do a bit of painting". Little did I know what I was getting myself into...
I got out a set of watercolours to experiment with, I had not really painted with watercolou
rs before so I thought I would just have a bit of fun.

As soon as I picked up the brush, I went into the relaxed meditative state which usually a
ccompanies my creative urges and then I went into a frenzy of painting. In about fifteen minutes I had painted two incredibly energetic pictures of Angels.

I copied these Angel paintings and sold them at my Reiki Workshops and at an Angel shop nearby for a couple of years, then on a whim ( Angel guidance again) I scanned them into my computer and began to play with the forms and colours without a clue about how, I just fiddled about and played with a simple photo editing program and I began to produce more wonderful Angel Paintings.