Friday 7 November 2014

Amazing Experiences with an Angelic Energy Pendant
I received this beautiful email about a Angelic Energy pendant made from my painting of Jesus Unconditional Love. It was purchased from my Etsy Store.

  Hello Glenyss, Last week I received the Jesus loves you pendant. Immediately I felt something special, gentleness, peace. As though a very nice loving older brother entered into my life. I believe this is the most precious gift I ever got. It was a day after my birthday.

 A couple of days later I lost it on my way to my work, I rushed back to the place where I could have lost it. I the meantime I thought of the words: 'Before everything else look for the Kingdom of God and everything will come to you', I found it again and was very glad. I realize more than ever what is the most important thing in our life. It helps me constantly, today I had a singing lesson and when I held the pendant I could sing better. I ask inside me what I can do and the answer comes to me immediately.
 Asking blessings for a performance wilt my mentally disabled friends, I touched the pendant and I felt a dome of light. It is not the first time I noticed the protection of light beings, but this time it was more tangible. In our journey into the empire of the Spirit this pendant is a very helpful guide. What a gift you have to put the energy of Jesus in the pendants you make! We (my husband and I) thank you very much for making these beautiful jewelry that is charged with this precious energy. Thank you and may God bless you in your beautiful work! Sincerely, Gerda

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Healing from the Angelic Realm

Intuitive angel artist, Glenyss Bourne sits down to talk with Spirits Voice at her Sanctuary Angel Art Gallery and Healing Centre in Victoria, Australia. Glenyss shares her spiritual journey, explaining how her art evolved and became angelic in composition. Glenyss became very ill and spent over a year in hospital due to complications with surgery, but believes that the pain and suffering she endured offered an incredible opportunity for learning. Not only did she dissolve her fears of dying, but she gained greater understanding of the healing that her angel art provides. These days you will find Glenyss painting at her angel gallery and she finds that a people experience healing by simply visiting the Sanctuary and spending time surrounded by her art. Glenyss' beautiful artwork is also available for purchase online at