Thursday, 6 June 2013

Angelic Near Death Experience
I was looking through art, not for angels, when I saw your amazing work. I am intuitive, more and more the older I get. I had a very severe pneumonia a few years ago, I didn't realize at the time how sick I was, but I was hearing and seeing things in my fever that I can only explain now as probably due to being so close to death!
Since then I've dreamed of angels. Only once. But too real to be a dream and THIS is what they looked like! Pale shades of brilliant light. Taller than me (a lot taller). I couldn't see their faces.
I was taken to like a 'meeting room', and from what seemed like miles and miles away, although it only took moments, my best friend's Dad (who had passed) was brought to meet me.
I said to the angels in GREAT excitement "it's Mr Murphy, It's HIM"!!! I couldn't see them speaking, but they seemed to speak (I am not crazy by the way). And they kind of 'chuckled' in good humor, and said something like 'Yes, we know'. Amazing to see them, on your page!