Thursday 17 September 2009

Surviving a Snake bite with Divine Intervention

This is the email that helped to inspire this blog
by Sarah posted 17/2/09

Thank you so much Glenyss, I went to bed with the image of Archangel Uriel in my mind and third eye last night I breathed that image in so deeply and had the most beautiful dreams.

I had a near death experience on the 27th december 2005 at 3:45pm. I was bitten and envenomed by a deadly tiger snake. I didn't see the snake I just felt the pain, I did everything wrong as I didn't see it!

The next hour was incredibly intense as I could feel each part of my body dying, eventually I knew I was taking my last breath I was taken to the most divine space and met with Archa ngel Gabriel, he was divine and huge about 10 foot and his wing span meters wide, behind him was all of the spirits from my many past lives waiting to greet me. It was there that he gave me the choice to stay with him or go back, as you can imagine an extremely hard choice in that divine energy.
I would love to tell you all of my story. I am the only person in W.A. in 15 years to survive a bite I know why though.

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