Saturday 17 October 2009

My Guardian Angel - doh!!

My Guardian Angel - doh!!
posted by Glenyss Bourne17/3/09
I have been receiving Guidance from a guide called Leonidas for several years The Guidance was both for me personally and for humanity at large.
The other night I couldn't sleep so I sat up in bed and got out my pad and pencil and began to write ...The guidance flowed freely, and some of it was very relevant to my life at the moment. The the rest was what I term "Higher Guidance", which pertains to humanity as a whole.

The next day my daughter visited and I shared the writings with her. She became a little restless toward the end of the reading and as soon as I had finished she said to me " do you want to see Leonidas", and led me into the next room.

We were at my Angel Gallery which has hundreds of my angel paintings on the walls. She led me to a fairly recent painting which I really love and that has a really high vibration and said-" This is Leonidas, he spoke to me when you were reading his Guidance and wanted me to bring you in here to show him to you!" She asked what name had I given the painting? I looked for the tag with the details written on it, and it had fallen off onto the floor. I picked it up and read "Your Guardian Angel"!!

I had asked the Angel in the painting who he was when I completed the painting, and the message he had given me was I am Your Guardian Angel! I had failed to realize that he was actually telling Me that he was My Guardian Angel.and I had misunderstood! Doh!!

Leonidas 'painting now hangs in a special place in my bedroom and makes me feel very loved and protected. I feel much more connected to him and the Angelic Realms.

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Nyssa Sosito said...

Hello! I was really amazed on your stories about angels. My friend have just told me about City of Angels, an old movie. And from that I started to become curious regarding angels. And so I started to google in the net about real life stories about angels and here I found your blog. I love your blog because it helps me to know more about angels. May I just ask you. How can you know your angel? I mean how can you feel their presence? and how did you know his/her name? I'll just share to you that I did try to know my angels name by sleeping w/ no worries and when you wake up the next morning the 1st name that enters your mind will be your angels name. but I do failed usually because i tend to forget about it the next day... so can you help me? thanks alot! by the way i love your paintings :)