Friday 17 September 2010

Learning to Listen to My Angelic Guidance

Learning to Listen to My Angelic Guidance - "Its a Book!"
by Glenyss Bourne posted 17/9/09
I sat alone in my kitchen late one night enjoying the peace and quiet; and I thought to myself "I might do a bit of painting". Little did I know what I was getting myself into...
I got out a set of watercolours to experiment with, I had not really painted with watercolou
rs before so I thought I would just have a bit of fun.

As soon as I picked up the brush, I went into the relaxed meditative state which usually a
ccompanies my creative urges and then I went into a frenzy of painting. In about fifteen minutes I had painted two incredibly energetic pictures of Angels.

I copied these Angel paintings and sold them at my Reiki Workshops and at an Angel shop nearby for a couple of years, then on a whim ( Angel guidance again) I scanned them into my computer and began to play with the forms and colours without a clue about how, I just fiddled about and played with a simple photo editing program and I began to produce more wonderful Angel Paintings.

My daughter, who talks to her Angels, nagged me to make some Angel Cards using my paintings. When I eventually sat at the computer, about one hundred single words tumbled out at me to go on the back of the cards. I could barely keep up with my poor typing skills

I was happy with that, but after I printed out th e first set for my daughter, the printer flatly refused to print the Angel cards. There had to be a reason for this and I had a niggling feeling that I had to do more with the cards--"Not phrases" I said 'Yes Phrases" said the Angelic guidance.
I sat at the computer and phrases tumbled out at me faster than I could type, I couldn't keep up and they were getting longer and longer and more and more profound and tears rolled down my ch eek as I frenetically typed! I stopped in frustration and said to the Angels 'They are too long to fit on the cards". "It's a book!" said a magical voice filled with the joyful lilt of laughter. I couldn't believe it, I don't want tp write a book" I said . It's a book the Angelic voice said again!

You can click here to generate a reading from the Angel book that was to become "Sacred Wisdom". The Angel paintings have been updated over time, but most of the writing was done on that day and t hen the Angel painting really began! I was com pletely guided, I painted for days on end without sleep, and I didn't feel tired, I felt incredibly energized, it is easier if you accept th e guida nce and go with the flow. I still paint all night an d can do with very little sleep when I am in t he higher energy and fully connected to my Angels.

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