Wednesday 18 February 2009

Healed by an Angel

Healed by an Angel
by Glenyss Bourne posted 18/2/09
I had a display of my Anaheart Angel paintings and Sacred Wisdom, my Angel book, at a fundraiser several years ago. A middle aged woman came over looked at the Angel paintings and flipped though my Angel book, she gasped, looked up at me and said "I'll Be Back" "I've got to go home and get something to show you." She came back with a pencil drawing of an Angel. She told me she had never shown it to anyone, and never been able to tell anyone about what had happened to her.

She had been on a cruise and contracted Legionaires disease and became extremely ill along with several other people on board the cruise. She was so ill she thought she was going to die and she said so did the staff.
While lying in her bed, feeling like she was about to die, she became aware of a bright light at the end of her bed and saw an Angel there, who told her that she would be okay.
After this... she miraculously recovered and nobody could understand how. She felt that she couldn't talk about it to anybody.
Afterwards, she drew a picture of the angel and kept it secret. When she saw my Angel pictures especially the Angel of Unconditional Love. She realized it looked almost the same as the Angel she had seen on the cruise. She felt so relieved to be able to share the story of her healing Angel with me as she felt that I would understand. She produced a pencil drawing that she had drawn after her Angel experience, which was very similar in shape to my painting of The Angel of Unconditional Love. She was so elated, to finally be able to share her Angel experience with someone!
If you are in a similar situation, needing to share your Angel story, you have come to the right place!

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