Friday 29 November 2013

Archangel Michael Helps Sleep Problems

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne My 3 year old granddaughter was waking up every night saying there were monsters in her room.  I told her to call on the angels to protect her and they would go away.  Well that didn't work so I purchased the 8 x 10 print of Archangel Michael and Mother Mary for her room.  When the prints arrived she was not home so I placed the print on her wall above her bed and the smaller one that you sent above my bed.  Later that evening before going to bed she comes running in my room and says, "grandma I have an angel in my room and so do you".  I said great what is his name, she said "Michael and he has wings that go like this".  She has slept peacefully in her room every night since.

Thank you
Rev. Debora Gowans

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