Wednesday 28 February 2018

Archangel Gabriel Helps Grieving Mother.
Many people who have purchased my painting of Archangel Gabriel have told me that they have experienced comfort and healing emanate from the image.

I recently received this email about my painting of Archangel Gabriel.

"I would also like to tell you that i purchased a print of Gabriel a few years ago from you and his image developed and i was able too see the features on his face -he also fascinated many visitors to my home who were drawn to him -in particular my one good friend who had sadly lost both her daughters in a fatal car crash
She would look at him every time she visited and one night he 'spoke ' to me and told me to give the print of him to my friend which i did and she  was over the moon
Since residing at her home his image has developed even more and two smaller figures have appeared besides him which my friend believes are her daughters and it gives her tremendous comfort.

So thank you so much for such comfort and beauty xxx

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