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An Angel Painting helps to Overcome Children's Night Terrors

An Angel Painting helps to Overcome Children's Night Terrors
posted by Glenyss Bourne on March 22nd 2009
A Father brought his young son to my Angel gallery where I have hundreds of Angel paintings. He had purchased a painting of Archangel Michael for himself a few days before, but when he took it home his daughter snaffled (aussie for took) it for herself.
The family had recently moved into a new house and the daughter was having problems sleeping.
She intuitively put the Angel painting next to her bed and her sleeping problems stopped. This prompted her father to bring her brother who was also having problems sleeping, to choose an Angel painting for himself. He chose a particularly strong version of Archangel Michael to put by his bed.

I asked the boy a few questions about why he was having trouble sleeping and he said he was having bad dreams. I sensed that he was a very sensitive child and was actually seeing etheric beings.

Many children can see spirits and other etheric beings (unfortunately not all of these beings are positive energies), an ability that tends to fade away with age, if it has not been encouraged or understood by the parents.
The presence of these entities can be very frightening for a child who doesn’t understand how to deal with them or what they are. Unfortunately this fear often attract a more unsavory element to the child as fear lowers the vibration and attracts lower entities

I asked the boy if he saw these sort of things when he was awake and he said yes!
It was time for a talk about free will!

I explained to him that he has the power and the right to choose whether or not to allow these entities to appear to him, especially if they are invading his space. He has the right to say NO! Go Away! You are not welcome! Begone!
I explained to hin that if he was fearful, it gave the negative entities more power and attracted them to himself in the same way that bullies at school will pick on the timid and fearful children. He really seemed to understand this and I could actually see him grow in confidence and personal power when he understood that he had the divine right to say no if he wanted to!

The other thing that delighted him was the information that Laughter makes us very strong and powerful and he still felt challenged he should take a deep breath and LAUGH at them and insist that they leave HIS space! Fear cannot exist in the presence of laughter, even if you are making yourself laugh!

The last piece of information that he needed to know is that he has BIG HELP available to him from the Angels, anywhere, anytime! He can call upon his Guardian Angels or Archangel Michael for help and protection. All he needs to do is ask!
We had great fun visualizing Archangel Michael dealing with these entities and sending them on their way. Archangel Michael and laughter, what a powerful combination!

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