Monday 10 January 2011

I saw an Angel in the Sky!

 I saw an Angel in the Sky. This is the photo I took!

My name is Beverly Simmons.  I attend First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Maryland under the leadership of Pastor John K. Jenkins. 

My testimony is as follows:

I was in the United States Air Force stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.  On December 3, 2009 around 1400, I had a doctor appointment at another military facility in Maryland.  I was really sick and the doctors could not find out what was wrong with me.  On my way back to work around 1545, my cell phone only had one cell left.  So, I immediately called my supervisor and ask could I go straight to my divinity class (Queen Esther Ministry) at my church.  I ask this question because after the doctor's appointment I had a battery of test and never got a chance to get lunch.  My supervisor granted my request, therefore, I did not have to go back to work.  So, I went to Chic Fil A for a chicken sandwich, but decided to wait until I was in the church parking lot to eat my sandwich. 

As I entered the parking lot, the sun was shining brightly in my vehicle window.  So, I decided to move my car and go to the rear of the parking lot so that I could get the sun out of my eyes.  I parked near the trees in the rear of the lot.  I ate my chicken sandwich, then decided to take a quick nap before my class started at 7:00 p.m.   However, I just could not get comfortable in my car so that I could go to sleep.  Then I felt the Holy Spirit and I opened my eyes.  I was stunned at what I saw!  All I could say was "OOH MY GOD! OOH MY GOD!"   I did not want to move for some strange reason.  I guess I thought the sighting would disappear.   Yes!  What I saw was clearly an Angel.  She was standing right over my church with her had stretch out.  I then thought in excitement "take a picture, take a picture!"  I grabbed my phone, pulled up the camera section and pointed the phone camera at the sky.  I pushed the button when I heard a beep and my phone went dead!  I SCREAMED AS LOUD AS I COULD IN DISBELIEF!  I could not believe my phone went dead!  I immediately started crying uncontrollably.  I just could not understand why God did this.  I kept screaming at God saying "why do you keep showing me signs and miracles then not let me show others."    But God! 

I was truly messed up!  I just kept crying.  I could barely get my car to start back up so that I could move back to the top of the parking lot.  When I finally got the key in the ignition, I moved my car and went inside the church to my general session where my class meets every Thursday.  I was in the room alone.  I cried and spoke to God and kept asking Him why did He not let me take the picture?  I just did not understand.  But went into deep prayer with God.  Then as ladies started to come into the general session room, the fellowship and my lesson requirements took me away from the event that happened earlier with the camera and the sighting.  I felt this feeling of peace.  I never even mentioned the sighting of the Angel to anyone because I thought that people just would not believe me and think that I was crazy!   

Then on December 24, 2009, Christmas eve, a friend and I were having a sweet potato pie contest.  I told him let me grab my camera phone and take a picture of the pies.  This way we will not get them mixed up or confused as to who made which pie.  (note:  I did not take any other pictures since December 9, 2009 with my camera until this day) When I opened up the camera section, I notice a small picture of what looked like clouds in the sky and I screamed!  I said "it took, ooh my God it took!  I could not wait until I could make the picture bigger.  When I opened it up to full view, I started to cry as I am right now reliving the story.  I showed the picture to my husband and said "what do you see?"  He said "I see an Angel, I can even see her wings." 

I could not wait until I got back to my divinity class to show them the picture.  My class started back up in January 2010.  They all were amazed as I was when I initially saw the details of the Angel.

This is what I saw in the picture. 

1.  An Angel boldly fighting a demon over my church (First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Maryland). 
2.  It appears as if she is saying "devil you cannot come in this church." 
3.  She also has a streak coming from the left side of the sky giving her God's power.
4.  Her hair looks like a bird!  But, initially I thought it was an Afro hair style until I blew up the picture and saw more details of her head and face. 
5.  I believe she is wearing a skirt.  I call the Angel a she, but truly it is neither. 

I sent this picture to my pastor and over a 100 people in my church.  But, after reading your website, I wanted to share my testimony with everyone.  I now that God is using me because this is not the first time I saw Angels.  In 2007, I saw seven Angels in the sky while I was returning from New York on a bus with my brother.  But, that time the few people I told looked at me as if I was losing it.  That is, except my God given friend Carolie Lenoir who I Cc in this email.  She taught me everyone is not ready, but she knew it had to be true because my yes' is yes. 

However, this time, God let me take the picture, but did not let me see it until I was ready (21 days later), which was on Christmas eve.  What are the chances of that?  People have to know this is real and Jesus is coming back soon!

Oh yeah!  The military finally found the source of my sickness.  I had a yoke sac with no baby in me for over 5 years.  They operated February 2010.  Now, that I am healed, I can tell my testimony about Beverly's Angel. Yes, that is what I call her because I truly needed a sign God was near.  I was in so much pain, tired all the time and no one could tell me what was wrong with me.  Truly God is protecting His children and the Shepard of my church Pastor John K. Jenkins!  God never left me!  I know the Angel is still over the church because I can feel her every time I go into the sanctuary. 

Beverly Simmons

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