Tuesday 9 August 2011

Angelic Healing of a Child's Chronic Illness

- Glenyss 9th August 2011
A few years ago, my four year old granddaughter, had been under the care of a pediatrician for about two years, for an embarrassing chronic bowel condition.

One day when she was visiting me, we talked about her illness and she said she really wanted it to go away. I told her that she we all have Guardian Angels who love us and look after us and she decided to ask her guardian Angel to help her.

I had some of my Angel Fridge magnets on my fridge, and she picked one out and told me she wanted me to write a short letter to her Angel on the back of the magnet. She told me what to write, and she took the Angel magnet home with her, so she could feel close to her Guardian Angel; and...........her illness went away! Immediately!

Thank You Angels !

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Anonymous said...

It is exhilarating and heartfelt to hear of ones experience of a miracle through our divine saviour and god as well as all his angel helpers. God Bless you and your family. May he continue to bestow graces upon all whom humbly ask.