Tuesday 20 December 2011

Weird Angelic Guidance that Really Worked!

by Glenyss 21/12/11
 I was very ill in hospital some years ago, and my husband came in to visit me. We were talking normally when all of a sudden, I looked lovingly at my husband's bald head, felt this feeling of great concern and compassion; and I spoke these peculiar words, which didn't feel like they were coming from me..........
"Your head must get cold in the car." He said it did. "You should wear a hat when you are driving." We then discussed what sort of hat would be suitable, and decided that a baseball cap would be just the thing!

He went home, remembered to put on his baseball cap, ( the first miracle!) and drove to get some take away food for his tea.

On his way home, a car failed to give way, careered through the roundabout at great speed, and crashed into our very small car causing it to spin around and hit a pole.
The car was a write off! My husband broke the drivers side window with his head, BUT, the baseball cap prevented him from receiving severe lacerations to his face and he emerged unhurt! Thank you Angels!

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